Beginner’s Setup

If you’ve made it to this page I will assume you are either brand new to vaping, or thinking about starting.

Let me warn you now, it’s not simple. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be complicated, but there is a bit that you have to learn to incorporate it seamlessly into your daily routine. Vaping isn’t as easy as smoking. Smoking is as simple and easy as buying cigarettes, lighting cigarettes, and, well, that’s it, you’re smoking.

You CAN take the easiest route to vaping which would involve a trip to your local gas station and buying an e-cigarette that you will hate, but hey, at least you’re not smoking right? Well, actually, this is a problem because those don’t taste great, the batteries don’t last long, and they aren’t very satisfying. Most people that go down the e-cig road find that it leads back to smoking and a thought that vaping just isn’t for them.

You have also, no doubt, tried to do research on vaping only to find that there is actually too much information to get a decent idea as to what exactly you even need to buy. Also, the fact that Vaping Fuel is a store, where we try to sell  you stuff,  might make you question if what you’re reading here is even true.

I'll say this about that:

I didn’t start Vaping Fuel to get rich, actually, I didn’t start it to make any money at all. I started it so that I could share my own personal e-liquid flavors with my friends and I needed an inventory system to keep it all organized. It has since turned into a place where I can share my knowledge and experience, point beginner and seasoned vapers toward the products that I myself use daily, and try to spread the good word about vaping to those people that want to quit smoking (or to those that just want awesome flavors in their mouths).

I promise to try to make this as simple to understand as possible so you can get to what’s important, vaping.

“What do I need to get started?”

You only need three things.


It is quite literally just a rechargeable battery with a momentary button switch that powers the atomizer.

Tell me more than I want to know about batteries


Just think of an atomizer as the thing that holds the liquid and creates the vapor.

I want to know way more about atomizers


The liquid is a special mixture of ingredients that when atomized, produces a vapor that resembles smoke in some ways.

What is e-liquid made of?

“What battery do you recommend?”

I ALWAYS recommend the eGo-style battery to EVERYONE that starts vaping.

The Original Joyetech eGo

The eGo is a battery (or PV / personal vaporizer ) made by a company called Joyetech that hit the market in October of 2009.

It has since been replicated, ripped off, improved, duplicated and embraced by the vaping community. The eGo IS the standard that set most of the standards still used today by nearly all vaping hardware manufacturers. The eGo itself has undergone many changes since it first debuted. You can get an eGo in several sizes, any color, various charging methods, as a passthrough and even a variable voltage version.

The first thing you may notice is that it does NOT look anything like a cigarette. This is a huge benefit actually. Most people that buy an e-cigarette (PVs that look like cigarettes) do so because they feel that it will be an easier transition from smoking to vaping. However, you will get hassled in public due to the fact the people FREAK OUT when they think you’re smoking indoors. The fact that an eGo looks more like a Sharpie than anything you would smoke, helps.

Secondly, you will notice that it is not very small. This can also seem like a DRAWback (smoking pun) but it is necessary in order to give you the much-needed battery life.

Think about it, you know batteries. You’ve used them your whole life. Small batteries are used for small things, and big batteries are used for big things, duh. But if you are powering the same device with a tiny battery as you are a big battery, obviously the smaller battery will not last as long. This is the case against e-cigs. They are putting out the same 3(ish) volts as an eGo but have a much smaller capacity (e-cig = 150 mAh, eGo = 650-1100 mAh).

“Why don’t you just sell the Joyetech eGo if you love it so much?”

We used to, but as other manufacturers started making their own eGo-style batteries, I noticed some features that I really liked over the Joyetech version.

For years I have been searching for a high-quality eGo-style variable-voltage passthrough PV but nearly everything I tried fell short in some area or another.

That is until I discovered the iTaste VV Variable Voltage/Wattage Passthrough by Innokin.

What on Earth is variable voltage?

The ability to change the voltage means that you can control the temperature at which the atomizer fires. The hotter (higher voltage), the more vapor, flavor and throat-hit you get.


A passthrough battery allows you to charge it while vaping.

Turns out, the iTaste VV is BOTH variable voltage AND variable wattage.

Another thing that I just love about it is that it is the first PV that I have used that charges via a standard microUSB cable. This has been a giant source of annoyance with PVs in general as they like to come with their own proprietary charging cables.

I couldn’t be happier with this PV. Seriously. It has everything I had been looking for and most importantly, it is made by a top-notch manufacturer. Oh, and it’s square. How sweet is that?!

For a full list of features, specs and possibly a little more love, check out the iTaste VV Starter Kit page.

“Which atomizer should I get to start out with?”

Vaping Fuel - eVod Tank SystemsI started vaping several years ago and have since tried every possible different atomizer they sold. What I found is that there IS NO PERFECT METHOD, and that is dumb.

Some are cheap and break easily. Some clog up after three days of vaping. Some taste awful if you don’t keep them filled to the top. Some require a syringe to fill. Some require an actual allen-wrench to fill. Some are $130. Some do not wick properly and leave you with a mouthful of butt-taste.

Vaping Fuel - eVod OrangeWhy we love and recommend the eVod is simple, it’s the best method we have yet to come across. It’s main advantage is that the coil (read: atomizer) is located on the BOTTOM of the tank. Why this is important is that this means that you get a consistent, good flavor until it’s time to refill it.

What’s also awesome about them is that you don’t have to keep buying them (good for you, bad for us). Since the atomizer itself is removable and replaceable, once it has outlived it’s usefulness, you can just toss in a brand new atomizer head (coil and wick assembly) and keep going.

Get an eVod Tank System with my new starter kit



The last piece of this puzzle is the liquid itself.

Learn more about liquid

Start your vaping experience off right, with Vaping Fuel premium e-liquid.

Don’t stop your education now, choose something below and keep learning.