eVod Tank System – Black


The eVod bottom coil clearomizer tank system holds 1.7ml and features a replaceable atomizer head.

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Look at these!

The eVod is a fantastic system that will work equally well for new and experienced vapers. These are the perfect size for anyone using the eGo, (since they are the same size) but also work great on a big-battery MOD.

To fill it, just unscrew the bottom and go. No need for a syringe or other such nonsense.


  • 1 x 1.7ml tank assembly with attached mouthpiece
  • 1 x atomizer head @ 2.4ohm

Make sure to pick up a few extra atomizer heads.


Fill the tank and change the heads

Remove the top wick

What a lot of people have found is that if you remove one of the wicks from the eVod, it will vape MUCH better and greatly reduces the change for a "dry hit". If you are experiencing wicking problems, give this quick, simple modification a try.